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Site Safety Supervisor

Position Level : Executive Level

Job Specialization :

  • To ensure safety and health requirement been followed at project site.

  • To assist and report to the SHO, Safety Manager on issues pertaining to the site safety, health and environmental matters.

  • Carry out and prepare the daily site safety inspection on project site construction.

  • To ensure that all staff and sub-contractors workers are using suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while working at the worksite.

  • Carry out safety programs (i.e. Safety Induction, Toolbox Meeting etc.) to new workers from time to time.

  • Inspect the worksite machineries and equipment which are being utilized at the site in order to ensure compliance to the project site safety requirements.

  • Ensure safety signage, first aid-kit; fire-fighting equipment and adequate supply of safety materials are available at the work site.

  • Assist in incident and accident investigation and reporting.

  • Monitor and organizing workers quarter and do regular housekeeping.

  • Ensure all site accesses are safe and housekeeping carries out at the site.

  • To be a team player and proactive in promoting safety, health and environmental matters at the workplace.  

  • Prepare and update all safety reports and documentations at site.    

  • Attend to the authority enforcement at project site i.e. DOSH, DOE, CIDB, DOH etc.

  • Provide support to the ISO Quality Management System (QMS) for its effectiveness.

  • Any assignment as deemed fit and necessary by the Management.

Education Level : Primary/Secondary School/ O Level, Professional Certificate, Diploma, Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma

Skills : -

Year(s) of Experience : Minimum 2 years

Languages : English, Bahasa & Mandarin

Work Location : Desa Cemerlang, Ulu Tiram, Johor.

Benefits : Medical, Training

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